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Mike Garry is a poet whose work focuses upon the beautiful ugliness of the city and its people.  His heroes are the underdogs, the outsiders, the people the glossies airbrush out. His first book, Men’s Morning tells the tale of an inner city sauna and his second book, Mancunian Meander (due out November 2005) is a poetic journey around a city, its suburbs and people. He has worked on residencies in Strangeways prison, the Big Issue and Trafford Mental Health and most recently six children’s homes in Manchester. A runner up in the Poem for Manchester competition and described by the Happy Mondays Shaun Ryder as “the best street poet ever.”

Watch Mike Garry read 'Pay as You Go', in the YouTube link below.

Manchester Haiku by Mike Garry

Football fans Slumber
Imagining Miracles
A Curious Joy

Tea in The Winebar
chips and curry from The chinese
Trams in the bus lane

wry smiles from grey skies
streets pathed with Paving Stones
People cast in Gold

Listen to Mike Garry read Mancunian Meander

Website : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RohxlJ6_Q6g&list=UUv5U5Ahwj6Z68dkIFIRDlBQ

Titles by Mike Garry

Mancunian Meander cover image

Mancunian Meander

A Mancunian's rythmic meadering search for the soul of the city. A peek behind the net curtains into a world we don't want to look at.

"This is true urban lyrical poetry, flashes of fragile beauty and grime, glimpses of a million Manc lives." - Segun Le French, Apples and Snakes

Price £7.99


  • ISBN 0 95369223
  • Publisher Cheers Ta
  • Genre Poetry
  • Setting Greater Manchester

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