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Zahid Hussain, 35, is a British Asian, born and raised in Lancashire.

Zahid Hussain has been writing since the age of 11. Zahid Hussain studied IT, Business and Management in England, France and Spain and he speaks 6 languages. He is a former winner of the North West Poetry Slam. He has performed at venues such as Manchester`s Green Room and the Contact Theatre and has featured regularly on local BBC Radio. His first novel, "The Curry Mile," is set in Manchester`s curry district.

The novel is about a Pakistani family involved in the restaurant trade and he explores the British immigrant experience. Although, Zahid studied Management and IT at University he claims he only did so after his father suggested creative writing was better left to his "spare time" - which was invaluable advice.

Now, in his "spare time" Zahid works as a social entrepreneur, specialising in community based research and regeneration.

Zahid lives in Manchester.

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The Curry Mile

A jaded Curry King finds his kingdom crumbling as his enemies conspire. His feisty daughter might possibly save him but instead becomes his arch-rival. Old traditions confront new against a backdrop of cut throat business dealings. The Curry Mile is King Lear to a Bhangra beat. A beguiling tale by a stunning new talent.

'Squabbling families with overbearing fathers, neighbourhood business feuds, charlatan mystics, music and mayhem - all human life is there. Suprisingly fresh and brilliant debut.'
- Ziauddin Sardar, New Statesman review - Books of The Year 2007

`This is a revealing `behind the scenes` look at living in the restaurant trade written with soul,exuberance, and pathos.The curry Mile tackles the issues of living in a multi religious, multi generational, materialistic society with singular panache and candour'
- Qaisra Shahraz i was in stitches with the language

It`s revealing and quirky. chick flick cum chappati thriller - Shamshad Khan

"The Curry Mile reminded me of Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz`s Cairo Trilogy: family feuds, infuriating fathers and a strong sense of place. Manchester: along the roads through the rain to the heart of the city."
- Tom Palmer

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