Tom Whatmore

Tom Whatmore's father went to Speke Hall as the last butler to the last owner, Adelaide Watt, in 1920. In 1921 Adelaide died and in her will left Speke Hall in trust for 21 years. By 1926 the Hall had been emptied of all staff and the trustees asked the butler if he would become caretaker of the Hall for the rest of the trust period. So the Whatmore family moved into Speke Hall in 1926 and Tom and his brother spent the next twenty years growing up there.

Titles by Tom Whatmore

My Life at Speke Hall cover image

My Life at Speke Hall

My Life at Speke Hall, is a unique look at life inside one of Britain’s most beautiful historic halls.

Written by Tom Whatmore, whose father was the butler to the last owner, Adelaide Watt, in the 1920s, the book captures the Hall’s splendour, fascinating history and ghostly goings on. It is well illustrated with the author’s own photographs, and also contains a detailed study of the surrounding Speke Village during this period.

It is a must read for local historians, visitors to the hall, and any readers interested in a good ghostly tale!

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