Keir Thomas

Keir Thomas is the publisher behind Best of Manchester Poets, and also one of the four editors.

Titles by Keir Thomas

Best of Manchester Poets, Volume One cover image

Best of Manchester Poets, Volume One

Sneeze in Manchester and you'll infect a poetic genius, or two. The city that's England's creative capital is home to hundreds of poets. Best of Manchester Poets, Volume 1, is the first attempt in recent times to publish the astonishing and diverse talent of the contemporary Manchester scene, which follows hard on the heels of the Madchester music explosion. Accessible, readable and downright enjoyable, this new Manchester verse isn't your father's poetry, and definitely isn't your grandfather's. Featuring work by Gerry Potter (a.k.a. Chloe Poems), Dominic Berry, Jackie Hagan, Rosie Lugosi, Marvin Cheeseman, Steve O'Connor, Cathy Bryant, Angela Smith, Simon Rennie, Copland Smith, Gordon Zola, John Siddique, Matthew Curry, and many, many more. In total, over 60 of Manchester's finest poets are represented.

Price £9.99


  • ISBN 0956581900
  • Publisher Puppywolf
  • Genre Poetry

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