Winter Hands

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Annie Clarkson


Shadowtrain books are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of Winter Hands by Annie Clarkson in September/October 2007.

Winter Hands crosses boundaries between poetry and prose, inner and outer landscapes, intimacy and being alone. In a series of portraits, this collection explores the vulnerabilities and distress of people who seem to be outside the worlds they survive in.

Their relationships are fractured and ambivalent, their voices complex. Annie Clarkson’s rich, evocative images delve into the multi-layered emotions of her characters. As readers, we are invited to identify with these individuals and the situations they create and find themselves in. At the same time, we can delight in Clarkson’s lyrical and energetic use of language.

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‘Annie Clarkson’s versets – shapes where poetry and prose meet, declare a truce and mingle – generate so much heat and tenderness in equal turns; they read like reports from a twilit, overlooked world, writ in vinegar on chip paper that will stay news.’

–Paul Farley

'Clarkson composes her poetry from tenderness, sexuality and courage, exploring taboo places in the human psyche. That she does so and does so fearlessly is a testament to her compassion and understanding of the everyday fears and uncertainties we experience as humans.’

– Geraldine Green

Price £5.95

ISBN 9780905127132
Publisher Shadowtrain
Genre Poetry
Set in Lancashire

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