Little Jack Horner

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Peter Kalu


A young Asian man is stabbed to death in an alleyway on a dark, wet night. It is a difficult case. There are no witnesses and no apparent motive. Delroy Johnson, of Johnson Private Investigations Bureau is called in by the young man’s family, frustrated at the slow police progress. Delroy Johnson is part time church caretaker, part time womaniser, some time investigator. More used to chasing down infidelity cases, he agrees to do what he can to catch the killer. A strong suspect emerges, but with little solid evidence, Johnson tries to draw him into the open. A deadly cat and mouse game ensues.

Set in a fictional Northern UK town, Little Jack Horner is a modern morality tale for 21st century UK, a story that crosses generations and cultures.

A short film based on private investigator, Delroy Johnson has already been shot and will be released in Spring 2008.

Author Background: Little Jack Horner is the fourth thriller from award-winning, Manchester writer, Peter Kalu. His others are Yard Dogs, Lick Shot and Professor X. He won the Kodak short film award, for the film tie in to Little Jack Horner, and the BBC/Contact Dangerous Comedy Award in 2003 for another script. He is a popular storyteller, with audiences of approx 5,000 every year.

Price £5.99

ISBN 9781905778058
Publisher Shorelines (including Satchel and Suitcase Books)
Genre Fiction
Extent 200pp

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