A Cairngorm Chronicle

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A F Whyte


Before dawn on a June day in 1904, three young men set off from the Shelter Stone. By the time they reached the Dell of Rothiemurchus at the end of the day, they had covered 38 miles and climbed 9,300 feet and nine Munros. Such a feat is still a major achievement today but at the time it was almost unheard of. Whyte’s recreation of that summer’s day forms the central part of A Cairngorm Chronicle. The book was put together in the 1940s from writings and memories spanning half a century – a tribute to one man’s favourite mountains - but not published until 2007.


“… full of enquiries and observations – about Gaelic place names, inter-visibility, the source of rivers, how to make a herring bap and the benefits of soaping your socks… What is it with the Cairngorms? They produce literature where other ranges yield writing. The same might be said of Millrace Books, with this well-made and present-sized offering.”

John Muir Trust Journal, Oct 2007

Price £14.95

ISBN 978 1 902173
Publisher Millrace
Genre Non Fiction
Extent 176pp

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