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Ronald Turnbull


Ronald Turnbull is the first and probably the only person to have walked both California's John Muir Trail and East Lothian's very different John Muir Way in a single season. Along the way he considers the cult of vegetable worship, the paradoxes inherent in the preservation of wilderness, the fascination of 216 miles of granite, and whether in the case of Mt Whitney big is necessarily best. And most of all, John Muir himself – inspired visionary, and tiresome tree-hugger; the exiled Scot who invented the American outdoors.


“Ronald Turnbull is, of course, one of the UK’s most prolific outdoor writers. He is also one of our funniest and most eccentric… So, put these two characters together and we should have a great book. And so we do.”
Andy Howell, The Outdoors Station

List Price £14.95
Price £13.50

ISBN 9781902173276
Publisher Millrace
Genre Non Fiction
Extent 182pp

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