Planet Young

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Gerry Potter


Welcome to Planet Young, the debut collection from the overwhelmingly engaging Gerry Potter - the poet formerly known as Chloe Poems.

Rich with spell-weaving imagery and rhapsodic concepts, biographical, confessional and gloriously poetic, this lyrical journey thrusts you ever forward on a magical history tour, brake-slamming and horn-pounding through the domestic and fantastic.

Published 29 June 2009.


"I genuinely believe everything belongs to nobody. I’ve put these musings onto paper and, if you’re reading this, then I sincerely hope in some small way that what I’ve written becomes yours. It’s a world, things happen. This is how I’ve based my whole ethos. I’ve just started writing this and this has happened and I’m not going to change a word. Well, maybe a little.
So, read this book like you’re listening to me talking, I am a performance poet after all, or read it like it’s you talking to me. Dammit, read like you want, who am I to dictate? I do hope you find in it some of what I put there. I must have put it there for something."
Gerry Potter

Price £7.50

ISBN 9780955509230
Publisher Flapjack Press
Genre Poetry
Extent 116pp

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