Birkenhead Not So Long Ago

280Birkenhead Not So Long Ago cover image

Peter Reid


This is a book which harks back to the eighties when the echoes of a post-war period were still strong. Many of the buildings were still standing even though the businesses had long gone - the butchers, the cake shops or the small newsagent. My moving away, then the occasional returns, allowed me to see things differently, appreciate more, time and distance inextricably linked, emphasising the poetry, the sadness. Photographers are often drawn to the texture and the visual drama of old or derelict buildings. I somehow felt the need to photograph the streets of my past; I also thought that many of those buildings would not be there much longer. In this respect there is a political as well as social message within this small volume.

Price £5.00

ISBN 9781906823313
Publisher Countyvise
Genre Non Fiction
Set in Wirral

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