Contains Strong Language and Scenes of a Sexual Nature

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Cathy Bryant


Irritatingly hard to classify, Cathy Bryant’s poetry hints at what it means to be female and intelligent in the 21st century. Think Carol Ann Duffy meets Spike Milligan. Humorous, ingenious, charming, and punchy — in equal measure — there’s never a dull moment in Cathy’s world. One moment she’s describing the disability of speaking with a middle class accent, while the next she’s berating New Age Man and his decidedly fake lifestyle. In-between you’ll find luscious fantasy, rude limericks, profound love, as well as sex, politics, and veganism. Cathy is the winner of several literary awards and her work has been published in magazines and books worldwide. In 2010 she co-edited the major new anthology, Best of Manchester Poets. Born in Hampshire and raised in the midlands and Lancashire, she has lived in Manchester all her adult life.

Price £6.99

ISBN 9780956581914
Publisher Puppywolf
Genre Poetry

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