The Men Pomes

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Gerry Potter


Gerry's third collection of theatre-verse explores the intimate nature of men. Here is where dreams and reality are inescapable and inexhaustible. It's where humour liberates and empathy empowers, where dark Catholicism collides with secular provocation and men resonate with melancholy and passion. Here, lives are led.

Gerry's first two volumes of autobiographical poetry, Planet Young and Planet Middle Age, are also available from Flapjack Press.

A favourite son of both Manchester and his home town Liverpool, Gerry Potter is an award-winning poet, playwright, director, actor, workshop leader and the creator and destroyer of the infamous gingham diva Chloe Poems. His previous publications as Chloe included Universal Rentboy [Bad Press, 2000], Adult Entertainment [Route, 2002] and Li'l Book o' Manchester [Mucusart, 2007]. A former writer in residence at Manchester's Contact and Greenroom theatres, he has a reputation for putting his Scouse voice on the line, a soaring sing-song accent, and is strong on poetry and strong on the causes of poetry. The Men Pomes is his third collection of autobiographical, domestic-fantastic theatre-verse for Flapjack Press, and follows the successes of Planet Young and Planet Middle Age.
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Is there a time somewhere I don't know
Where The Man stood alone
Atop his ivory tower and declared to the world
That his voice
Would be the only voice obeyed?
In that same time-space I don't know,
Did all the other men agree?
- from 'Cake'

"Formerly a hero/ine of the poetry circuit as his alter ego Chloe Poems, Gerry now takes to the stage in his own right. This is poetry like nothing you've heard before - asking with a wry smile what it means to be male, Scouse, working class and gay. You don't have to be any of these to find The Men Pomes heartbreaking and heart-mending, with a roar of anger one minute and a roar of laughter the next: a statement of pride, joyfulness and scorn in the face of bigotry. Gerry Potter is a world-class performer at the height of his powers, delivering intelligent, humane and searching poetry that makes us all ask who we are and who we want to be" - Jo Bell, Director National Poetry Day

Price £8.50

ISBN 9780957014107
Publisher Flapjack Press
Genre Poetry
Extent 144pp

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