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Gerry Potter


When you are turning fifty, fighting HIV/Hepatitis C co-infections, charged with criminally masterminding the recession and unable to dance - what do you do?

Fuelled by Scouse passion and jangle, Fifty charts a year with honest extravagance. It’s an anarchic journey shared with illness and the adverse effects of its medications, with the long haul of being grassed up to the dole, with lost tickets, tags and tangents.

But there is dancing. There must always be dancing.

Fifty is Gerry’s fourth volume of autobiographical, domestic/fantastic theatre-verse. Some parts of this remarkable story are already “out there”, documented in ITV1’s The Briefs and BBC2’s Britain in a Day, and Gerry pulls no punches, navigating the emotional highs and lows with an absorbing, singular skill.

Although, the remarkable "Outroduction" and story-play, How to be a Better Gay, may just require the help of a certain gingham-clad diva...


“Gerry Potter is a world-class performer at the height of his powers, delivering intelligent, humane and searching poetry that makes us all ask who we are and who we want to be” Jo Bell, Director National Poetry Day

“[In Planet Middle Age,] Potter wrote about killing off his alter-ego Chloe Poems and discovering his Scouse voice. His true voice has never been more expressive” Paul Burston, journalist & author

Price £8.50

ISBN 9780957014169
Publisher Flapjack Press
Genre Poetry
Extent 132pp

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