The Story of Spark, the Goblin Wizard

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Dommy B


Spark’s magic can transform anything. He’ll turn the bogeys up his nose into some pink ribbons and bows. He’ll make a gorgeous high heeled shoe out of a pile of donkey poo. But terrible things have started to happen in his forest - wasps, werewolves, spells going disastrously wrong... Calamities maybe not even Spark can stop.

Full of jammy burps and poems, mild goblin peril and plenty of pictures, The Story of Spark the Goblin Wizard concludes with a chapter of puzzles and games, including wordsearches and mazes. For children ages 5+.

Dommy B has won New York’s famous Nuyorican Poetry Cafe Slam and UK’s Superheroes of Slam, and performed on BBC’s Rhyme Rocket. The Story of Spark the Goblin Wizard is adapted from his own poetry theatre show for children, which tours the UK in 2014.

Price £6.00

ISBN 9780957663923
Publisher Flapjack Press
Genre Poetry
Extent 58pp

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