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Bill Rogers


The body of a young man is discovered in a terraced house in East Manchester. DCI Tom Caton is drawn inexorably into the dark side of the internet where nothing is as it seems, and where lurks a threat to his own happiness, and that of those closest to him. In two weeks Tom and profiler Kate Webb are due to tie the knot. An appointment that she fears he may never keep.

Part police procedural, part thriller, part mystery, this rich tapestry of a novel delves into the threats that face everyone who uses those social media that have become an essential part of our every day existence.

Number 8 in the bestselling DCI Tom Caton Manchester Murder Mysteries.


The fingers of his right hand danced a tarantella with the mouse.
Scroll, click, click.
Scroll, click, click.
His left hand hovered expectantly above the keyboard.
Lee was in his element. Today had brought a score of bites and a handful caught, hook, line and sinker.
Scroll, click, click.
He paused, read the comment twice, the second time to savour, and laughed out loud. Literally. None of that LOL nonsense. What had started as a nibble had become a record catch. The index finger and thumb of each hand flew into action. Their cadence rose and fell in time to the rush of words tumbling from his brain. A flush of heat welled in his chest, and spread towards his face and groin. He began to sweat.
There were footsteps on the stairs.
He signed off with his customary barb, clicked Home and leaned back in his eBay-bargain, tension-sprung, task chair.
‘Hi, Mum.’

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ISBN 9780956422095
Publisher Caton Books
Genre Fiction
Set in Greater Manchester
Extent 359pp

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