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From the myth of Medusa to the fraught tale of Samson and Delilah, hair has always been a key component of identity. And never more so than for Black and Asian folk. Hair is surrounded by traditions, legends, folk lore, myths and everyday joys and frustrations.

Twists, dreads, comb styles, weaves, fluffed, afro’d, dyed, treated: every style has its own stories, occasions and meanings. Each one says a different thing about how we present ourselves to the world.
In this feast of a collection, over sixty writers from all parts of the world celebrate the joys and relive the pains of hair.

Some of the most popular hair techniques are also explained and a short section of Agony Aunt problems tackled.


"A brilliant collection that evokes so many memories of joy and tears."

"The roots of hair are deep. This book taps those roots. Both profound and stylish, what a great book!"

"So much to savour and enjoy, for less than the price of a haircut!"

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ISBN 1-905778-01-5
Publisher Shorelines (including Satchel and Suitcase Books)
Genre Poetry

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