The Curry Mile

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Zahid Hussain


A jaded Curry King finds his kingdom crumbling as his enemies conspire. His feisty daughter might possibly save him but instead becomes his arch-rival. Old traditions confront new against a backdrop of cut throat business dealings. The Curry Mile is King Lear to a Bhangra beat. A beguiling tale by a stunning new talent.


'Squabbling families with overbearing fathers, neighbourhood business feuds, charlatan mystics, music and mayhem - all human life is there. Suprisingly fresh and brilliant debut.'
- Ziauddin Sardar, New Statesman review - Books of The Year 2007

`This is a revealing `behind the scenes` look at living in the restaurant trade written with soul,exuberance, and pathos.The curry Mile tackles the issues of living in a multi religious, multi generational, materialistic society with singular panache and candour'
- Qaisra Shahraz i was in stitches with the language

It`s revealing and quirky. chick flick cum chappati thriller - Shamshad Khan

"The Curry Mile reminded me of Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz`s Cairo Trilogy: family feuds, infuriating fathers and a strong sense of place. Manchester: along the roads through the rain to the heart of the city."
- Tom Palmer

List Price £7.95
Price £6.00

ISBN 1905778007
Publisher Shorelines (including Satchel and Suitcase Books)
Genre Poetry

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