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Rampaging behemoths, giant, washed-up fishtails, mysterious briefcases, role-playing cuddly toys... The world of the short story is a weird and wonderful one, made even stranger by the unique assortment of characters that crop up in them. Incongruity seems to be their secret ingredient - or rather the right kind of incongruity, an artful one that punctuates the flat realism of most literature and inserts an isolated moment, an atomised truth.

Comma's second anthology of new writers showcases 20 of the most imaginative and daring voices taking up the form; writers dedicated to charting the far reaches of this terrain right at the outset of their careers; writers who prove it's best to stay short.


"Reasserts and cherishes the short story form's ingrained oddness, its unique kind of drama and its potential to surprise."
- Laurence Phelan in The Independent on Sunday.

"This book is a true rarity."
- Aethetica Magazine.

"Another outstanding collection of short fiction... Parenthesis? writers are so confident and assured it?s hard to believe they are at the start of their careers. It?s obvious some of them are going to be huge."
- The Leeds Guide

List Price £9.95
Price £9.50

ISBN 9780954828073
Publisher Comma Press
Genre Short Fiction

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