Libraries & Reading Groups

Below is a list of links to libraries, reading groups and contacts for events organisers and literature development officers based within the library services across the North West, as well as information about current reading groups in those areas. In some cases the officers themselves have pasted broad reports on the type of activities they are involved in and are keen to try in the future.

This page is designed both for small presses wanting to get more involved in local library services, and also for readers wanting know what’s happening in their areas.

In the NW region librarians promoting books and reading are involved in a unique partnership known as Time To Read. This public library partnership encourages library staff to share ideas and good practice, pool resources to develop new activities as well as managing its own Website

The page is updated regularly and literature and library officers are free to post their own activities and interests under the relevant areas. If you are a literature or library officer and would like to do so email the information to

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