Founded in 1969 by Gerald England, Headland was originally a quarterly magazine which after its first two years came under the editorial guidance of critic and poet William Oxley, who changed the title to New Headland and merged it with the critical magazine Littack. During the 70s several chapbooks were published by Headland Publications under Gerald England’s editorship including early chapbooks by Penelope Shuttle and James Kirkup, until in 1980 England left Headland to publish New Hope International magazine.

Since then, under the editorship of Gladys Mary Coles Headland has continued to publish important anthologies and single author collections of verse, by new and established poets. Among the poets on its books are John Barnie, David Woolley, Chris Bendon, Mario Petrucci, Richard Poole, Joseph P. Clancy, Roland John and Herbert Williams.


Recent Publications

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