Panshine/ Raindog (Magazine)

Panshine Press is an independent poetry press edited by poets Suzanne Batty and Jan Whalen. Panshine was initially established to publish the biannual poetry magazine, Raindog, which features an exciting and eclectic range of contemporary voices. Past contributors to Raindog have included Julia Darling, Pat Boran, Janet Fisher, Avril Heffernan and Steven Waling. Panshine has recently progressed book-length anthologies.

Recent Publications

Submission Policy

We're after poetry about the A6 (Stockport Road) so the poems should be urban in content, reflecting city life in the areas defined.
The submissions should be poetry not prose.
Address: Submissions are equally welcome by post to:

A6 Poets, PO Box 68, Manchester, M19 2XD
or by email to: (see guidelines below)

Any work submitted must be the original work of the author and may have been previously published or accepted for publication elsewhere, so long as there are no copyright issues involved with this which would prevent us using the poem.
If you send your submission by post you must enclose an SAE so we can reply.

If you send your submission by email please enclose your poems within the text of the message (if you possibly can) - we don't like attachments they make us nervous. You must also include your name and postal address (as you would with a postal submission).

Payment cannot be made for poems - so it's all for the glory of being part of the project. We can however offer publication on the website, and possible inclusion in the A6 Anthology. we also hope to produce a range of postcards, posters and anything else we can think of.

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