Shorelines (including Satchel and Suitcase Books)

ShoreLines is an on line literary magazine and agency which aims to promote writing from migrants living in Europe and their descendants, and also writings about working class issues.
    It's inprints include Suitcase Books ( for Adult fiction and Satchel Books (, its childrens book inprint.
    Shorelines believe that the experience of migration into Europe from the former colonies is as central to Europe's future development as was slavery and colonisation to the industrialisation and enrichment of Europe's past. 
    The founders of Shorelines are based in Manchester and write primarily in English. Their experiences take in both first and second generation perspectives of the migration experience; and our roots range from African to European to Asian.
    Shorelines objective is to facilitate the sharing of working class, migrants and their descendants experiences through short stories, novels, novellas, poetry and articles. Each year, resources permitting, we will aim to publish i a selection of writings.

Recent Publications

Submission Policy

At present Shorelines are only able to accept writing in English, although their long term aim would be to accept and promote writing in a variety of languages spoken across Europe. 
     Satchel is an exciting imprint dedicated to the publication of children’s stories from around the world. It specialises in folk tales and many of our stories have been written by storytellers.  
    Suitcase meanwhile have set u a mentoring scheme. See individual imprint websites for further details. 

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