Road Works

Road Works is a Lancaster based publisher with links to the Lancaster Spotlight monthly live-writing event ( Their aim is to establish a print base for, and showcase the best new work  from, the region’s writers. Books are currently available from, local bookshops or direct from:

Recent Publications include Monkeyrack (£6.99), an anthology of writing by various regional writers. In this new collection of poetry and prose is a killer with a divided mind, a Lancaster man who embarks on an antisocial suicide, a
daughter conceived in hindsight and a naive young man set foot in the mother country for the first time.
There is beetroot, heat, green suns and a child who lives in a winter skin that holds a secret.

'Monkeyrack' is the first collection by Lancaster
based group Monkeyrack Writers: Ron Baker, Simon Baker, Mollie Baxter, Edward Calais, Iain
Colley and Sarah Fiske

Legendes Wryt Yn Ages Past... by Ron Baker (£6.99) 

Poems, nonsense, doggerel and doodles - a humorous history of the forgotten land of Architrave, of its Kynges and Queens and notables; of unhappy moles and happy cows and of handsome, fearless, proud Sir Staveley bravely fighting the Beasty Grimble and more mystical, legend-like fayre.

A Fabulous Opera by Basil Ransome-Davies (£8)

A debut novel charting the highs and lows of James Mason who earns a casual living from tobacco runs as a white-van man’s mate. But things heat up when he finds himself pursuing a beautiful thief to southwest France when what emerges from a
hectic and fatal end-game is unexpected and blackly comic.

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