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Collections thus far include Andetsteds by Don Ammons, Bags of Mostly Water  by Sandra Tappenden, Broadsheet Asphyxia by Paul Sutton, Carmen at the Fountain by  Albert Rowe, Cuatro Poetas (translations of Machado, Neruda, Lorca & Guillen by Albert Rowe), Days of Fire and Flood by Chrissy Banks, Eeeny Minnie Molly by Richard Wonnacott, Firebridge to Skyshore by Siobhan Logan, Forgeries by James Turner, I'll Try To Be Good by R G Bishop, Isn't Sex Noisy by Colin Shaddick, Jail Time by Brian Daldorph, The Light Forecast by Paul Lee, Men Hate Blondes by Alice Lenkiewicz, A Moment of Attention by Chris Hardy, Other Moments II by R G Bishop, Selected Poems by Idris Caffrey, Underland by  Paul Davidson, & Yellow Torchlight and the Blues by Emma Lee.  

Chapbooks from Original Plus thus far are The Chronicles of Dave Turnip by Paul Sutton, Lost in the Slipstream by Rupert M Loydell, Make Some Noise by Andrew Taylor, & The Sun rises over Arsenal, North London by Paul Murphy.


Recent Publications

Submission Policy

Original Plus tends to publish collections and chapbooks from those poets known to The Journal. Submissions (within body of email) to smithsssj@aol.com  

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